Text Your Ex Back Reviews: Video by Jennifer

There are more and more video Text Your Ex Back reviews from customers coming online now. Here’s a review of one by Jennifer, who tells us how TYEB helped her get back together with her partner after they broke up.

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“I loved him so much,” she says, “I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, stayed at home all the time.”

Michael Fiore’s program was recommended to Jennifer by a cousin who was worried about her and thought it might help. After all, she had nothing to lose.

Jennifer didn’t see herself as the type of person who would usually try something like this but she had to agree. She had already lost her boyfriend and things couldn’t get any worse.

So she got the program and began to read through it. It made sense to her right away and helped her to understand what had gone wrong with her relationship. It showed up some communications issues that she hadn’t even been aware of.

She started to see what was wrong with her own attitude and correct it. Then she started to text her ex boyfriend, following the program exactly.

She was a little afraid of how her partner would react but his response was very positive.

After just one week they were back together, and are still very happy together today.

Now it might not work that fast for everybody. Michael Fiore suggests a period of no contact in the beginning to give both you and your ex some space. Some people like Jennifer will already have been out of touch with their ex for a while before they get the program, and if that’s the case you can get started very fast. But you still need to spend a little time, as Jennifer says, thinking about what went wrong and changing your own way of reacting so it won’t happen again.

We can’t change our ex – we can only change ourselves. So the first step is to look closely, with Michael’s help, and be prepared to make some changes in your own attitudes, as Jennifer did.

Jennifer finishes this Text Your Ex Back reviews video by saying, “You’ll be surprised how effective it is and how well it will work for you. It’s a very intelligent, very natural method and you will love applying it.”

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