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In this article we’re going to look at some real Text Your Ex Back customer reviews and testimonials to try to figure out whether this ‘get your ex back system’ really works.

We’re not going to take user reviews from the official website. Instead we’ll be looking on Facebook and independent forums. You can see our own Text Your Ex Back review here. But first, let’s consider TV, and how the Text Your Ex Back (TXB) system started.

The Rachael Ray Show

Text Your Ex Back was put together by get your ex back coach Michael Fiore who was already well known as an advisor for people who want to put the spark back into a relationship that’s still active.

Michael demonstrated one of the techniques from that program on national TV on the Rachael Ray show. He sent Rachael a text that followed the system. Rachael said,

It worked on me and he’s not even mine … I got chills!” – Rachael Ray

After the show Michael received a ton of messages asking him for a similar system that would bring back an ex and revive a relationship that seemed to be over. So TXB was born.

Michael himself describes the system as:

“STUPIDLY simple to use…(all you have to do is follow instructions and send a few text messages)” – Michael Fiore

What do regular customers think?

Now my ex is begging for me back. Saying he messed up. Trust me, it really works.
– ‘Loveiswhatimgoodat’ on relationshiptalk.net

We found that quote from a Text Your Ex Back customer on an independent forum. Not everybody is so positive, of course. In some situations an ex might be in another relationship or just not missing you at all. There could have been reasons for the breakup that you don’t even know about. Sometimes you just have to shrug and move on.

But the thing is, you don’t know if there’s hope for your relationship until you try – and like most of us, you’re probably too emotional to get it right by yourself. That’s why we need a coach like Mike Fiore.

Try it for yourself – get your ex back now

Often times the problem is that we talk ourselves into doing something that is only going to push our ex further away, just because we are desperate to see them or hear their voice. We hang around places they might go, or send our friends. We call their voicemail. But they know we did that. They feel stalked. It just drives them further away.

If you have somebody right there telling you exactly what to do and when, you won’t make these mistakes. You won’t so easily convince yourself that “just one call won’t hurt” when you’ve been through Michael Fiore’s system and you have the his expert advice telling you that no contact means NO contact.

What people are saying on Facebook

There are a lot of posts about this on Facebook. A lot of them are questions while some of them are people who don’t have the system and are doubting it without having tried it. There is a private members’ forum for people who have bought the program, so a lot of results are posted there. Still, you can certainly see some positive posts on Facebook too.

“tried the txt seduction ….it worked like a charm ….thank you”
– Diana Hart on Facebook, February 10th, 2013

The seduction technique is something that comes pretty late in the program. First you have the period of no contact, then some apparently casual ‘across the bow’ texts, then more contact. In fact, seduction is almost the last step.

Here’s somebody at an earlier stage in the process:

“Thank you Mike…. Even if and when we get back together I will still keep following the program… I don’t want this feeling to ever end. He’s a very quiet guy who doesn’t express his feelings very often. And so far he has been doing just that. I want to keep this going. Thank you” – Peg Whitten on Facebook, March 3rd, 2013


Like most things in life, Text Your Ex Back doesn’t work for everybody – but from all the evidence we’ve seen, it’s clear that it really does enable some people to get back together with their exes.

You can’t know for sure if it will work for you without committing to it and giving it your best shot. Luckily, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days, so even if it doesn’t work, you have nothing to lose by trying.

Important note: there’s a short video on the site that explains the system. If you want to skip that, simply come back and click again. This page will stay open so you can do that.

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