Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

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A question that women often ask after a breakup is, “How can I tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me?” What are the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back?

Really, there are two questions here: “Does my ex still like me?” and “Does my ex want me back?” You see how these are different? Your ex boyfriend could still like you but want you firmly in the friend zone or perhaps to convert you into a friend with benefits. In this article we’ll look at how to tell if your ex boyfriend wants you back – and not those other options.

It’s important to know the difference because if you’re heartbroken over the breakup, meeting him as a friend probably isn’t the best idea right now, and having him over for sex from time to time would be a disaster.

On the other hand, if you’re hoping to get back together with your ex it can be hard to say no to seeing him from time to time. You’ll be wondering every time if this is the day he’s going to tell you he wants to get back with you. It’s difficult not to go running when you think of that possibility!

But here’s the real question:

Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You?

Even if he ended the relationship, or it ended after a bitter argument, there is a chance that your ex boyfriend will want you back. Sometimes people end relationships in the heat of the moment and then regret it later. Or he might have taken you for granted and then found he missed you more than he expected.

So how do you know if he still has feelings for you?

There are some signs your ex boyfriend wants you back and you can watch out for these. Of course, it’s important that you tell the difference between real signs and things you hope to see. It can be hard to do that when you want something a lot. You read things into what he says and does.

Most men are simple creatures who say and do pretty much what they mean. If he says he wants to come over and see you, he either means exactly that – he wants to see you for some reason – or he’s hoping for sex. When he asks if he can come over tonight, it doesn’t mean he wants to get back together.

If he still has feelings for you and wants the relationship to start up again, he’ll be asking you how you are. He’ll ask you out on dates, and if you go on the date and don’t have sex, he’ll still ask you on more dates.

In fact, one of the best ways to know if your ex boyfriend wants a relationship with you again is not to have sex with him until you are sure of his intentions – as they used to say in the 19th century!

In Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore suggests not having any contact with your ex for 30 days after you break up. That might seem tough but it’s a great way to be sure he really wants you and not just your body.

We’ll assume that you’ve been through that period and you’re now in contact with your ex again. So he knows you’re not up for being his on-call booty. Here’s the next question you should be asking:

Are you still a special person to your ex or just a friend?

It’s possible that he wants you as a friend and in that situation he’ll want to see you and will be OK with it not being sexual. So then, how do you know? Here are the signs:

Is he trying to impress you?

One sign that an ex boyfriend wants you back is if he tries to impress you all the time. He’ll be telling you things he’s done new or different, showing that he’s trying to improve himself. Things like joining a gym, taking classes, applying for a promotion at work. Men usually want the admiration of their girlfriends so he’ll be trying to get that.

Is he interested in your life?

Another way to tell he wants you back is if he’s truly interested in your life. Does he ask about your friends and family? About where you’re living? Does he ask if you’re seeing anybody? – He’ll definitely want to know that if he wants you back himself!

Does he say he misses you?

If he says he misses you, that’s one of the strong signs your ex boyfriend wants you back! And if actually says “I want you back”, he means it!

That might sound obvious but a lot of women ignore or simply don’t hear something like that. They’re so involved in their own emotions that they think there’s a catch or he must mean something different.

But as we’ve said, men generally mean what they say. So don’t pick that as the moment to bring up what went wrong last time. Don’t say “You may say that now, but …” or anything else like that.

Just say “I miss you too,” and see what happens from there.

Some people do succeed in getting back with their ex, so why not you?


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  1. sarah

    I never knew you could make things happened this way,I am sarah,I am from thailand,my boyfriend left me for another girl four month ago,ever since then my life has be in the state of agony. and heart break and to my greatest surprise after I tried it my boyfriend called me for the very first time after several months that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for every pain he cause me, we still have to rebuild but i am very grateful. Thank you

  2. Anna sanje

    Everything happens for a reason nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck,love, lost moments, true greatness or stupidity all occur to limits the test of the soul


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