I Miss My Ex Girlfriend – Does She Miss Me?

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If you’ve recently broken up with your girlfriend, you may be feeling a multitude of emotions, including sadness, regret or frustration. Sometimes this time of depression can take over your life, especially if the relationship ended with unanswered questions.

Perhaps you were initially very angry at the breakup, but now that some of the dust has settled, you may be finding yourself realizing “I miss my ex girlfriend.” This article will take you through some of the signs your ex girlfriend wants you back and the things you can do to figure out if your ex girlfriend is missing you as well. Read on to learn more.

Does My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me?

First, remember that what you’re feeling is completely natural. After most breakups, both parties are missing each other. Now to answer the question, “does my ex girlfriend miss me?” you will need to take note of some important information. Start with, who instigated the breakup, or if it was not just one person, was it mutual?

If it was you who decided that you two should break up in the first place, then your chances will be pretty sure that she is missing you right now. But even if it was mutual or if she was the one who said she wanted the breakup, there is still a high chance that she is missing you too (especially if you are missing her as well).

To answer the question “does my ex girlfriend miss me?” you will also want to consider a few more pieces of information.

How Long Were You Dating?

If your relationship had only lasted for a few months, this could just be a bump in the road. After all, in a relationship that is only a few months old, there is bound to be a section of time in which you are still getting to know each other and figuring out what pushes each other’s buttons. Even though you’re apart now, she may be missing you and a mutual friend or a program like Mike Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back will end up bringing you back together and give you time to talk out whatever made you break up in the first place.

If you had been dating for years, is this your first breakup? Did you miss your ex girlfriend and did your ex miss you at that time? If you’ve broken up before and then gotten back together, that means that you both missed each other at that time, and this could be simply a repeat of that scenario.

How Did The Breakup Go?

Now consider how the breakup happened. Was it a fiery breakup with a lot of tears and a lot of fighting? Or was it a calm and perhaps tearful goodbye? The former (a loud and angry breakup) means there was a lot of passion in the relationship. Passion can cause both great love and great pain, so actually this is a good thing, and it means that after the two of you split in a rage and both calmed down you realized that you may have both overreacted.

If the breakup was a calm one where one of you approached the other or you had a calm breakup discussion, that means there is likely a lot of friendship and love there, and it will be very hard for you to now be completely without her and for her not to miss you.

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

There are several key signs to knowing when your ex girlfriend wants you back. The first sign is probably the most obvious, and that is if she continues contact with you. Your ex girlfriend will definitely be missing you if she texts or calls you, likes or comments on your Facebook or contacts you in any other way even as seldom as once a week. This means that you are on her mind, and if you’re on her mind that means your ex misses you.

If this happens, don’t rush into anything, just be open and kind with her. Don’t be pushy about “talking” or seeing each other. Just remember to be nice, and she will remember how great it was to be with you and say she wants you back.

This may seem counter intuitive, but the opposite of the first sign is also a sign that your ex girlfriend wants you back. This means, if your girlfriend never ever contacts you it could be a sign she is actually thinking about you all the time and missed you. The truth is, ignoring someone completely is something that a girl will do because she wants to shove it in your face that she doesn’t care, especially if it was you that dumped her.

Similarly, if she appears to have “moved on” because you see lots of pictures of her having fun and hanging all over guys, this may be a farce, and it’s actually her plan. Don’t buy it. A girl may only do that to make you jealous, because she misses you. Again, don’t be mean about it, just continue to be distant but nice, and eventually she will break down and ask to talk or to see you.

Breaking up is never easy, but most of us have all gone through tough breakups, and the rate of reuniting after a breakup is tremendously high if you do the right things. So if you are thinking “I miss my ex girlfriend,” just give it time, don’t get too frustrated, watch for the signs your ex girlfriend wants you back and remember to always be open and kind.

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105 thoughts on “I Miss My Ex Girlfriend – Does She Miss Me?

  1. Cody Lee

    Should I give her a few more days before making contact or is it okay to send an innocent text right away? That’s what has been on my mind.

  2. YL

    Gf of 7+ yrs broke up with me about 9 days ago and I’ve been NC since the day after. She’s 23 and I was her first bf. We rarely had fights and if we did they were minor. She told me she loves me but she’s not in love with me anymore. Also said she will always love me because I was her first. She also mentioned that she has never been happy single. I have spent the past days in NC thinking about things I could have done better in the past that would have prevented all of this and have wrote everything down. I plan on handwriting a letter to her letting her know that I have spent the past few weeks reflecting on what I could have done better and that i accept the break and feel it was for the best. I have made changes in my life such as hitting the gym and have been more decisive. I felt like I got lazy when it came to the relationship and took her for granted. Our relationship was great but it could have been better as it didn’t start off ideally. Right now I’m sort of panicking and freaking out that she is with someone else already… I plan on going slowly and make sure that she sees a change in me before I tell her that I would like a second chance at a new and better relationship. I want to talk it all out with her at that time and make sure that she knows I want to fight for the amazing relationship. She hasn’t contacted me since do you think she is thinking that I’m mad at her and ignoring her? I’ve been talking to my friends a lot and getting my head straight about what I need to improve. Also reading too many articles that are giving me mixed feelings. Thanks in advance everyone!

    1. YL

      Forgot to say that she is the love of my life that’s why I want to fight for her. What we had was special and I let the flame die and I am ashamed of that. She did not deserve the person I became and he did not deserve her. I’m working to be someone who she deserves.

  3. von

    hi, ive been in a relationship with my girfriend for 9yrs before she decided to call it quits..she said the feelings is never the same as before..but when she said it she cried hard..i know deep inside the feelings is buried but not lost..i just want to give her space and realize things..i love her so much and ive got to grow for her so i think i need myself mor than ever..i miss her everyday its been 2 days now no contact at all..and i want to give her tym i relaize if she still loves me or just as a friend..idont wanna be friends with her i want her to be the mother of my children..is there any chance that we can be together someday?i am really hoping but i cannot force someone to love me..thank you

  4. Mark

    Saw my ex for the first time at a function, didn’t make an attempt to talk to her as I tried once to contact her a while back to no avail. She hugged me goodbye and texted me later. Don’t know what to make of it?

  5. Thomas T.

    My girlfriend and I broke up over a week ago. I am 27 and she is 21. We fell hard but she had to go away for school. LDR was a tough adjustment and we started to fight a bit. I felt I was putting in most of the effort and she was only into it when it was convenient for her. It didn’t seem that ahe wanted to make the time to talk or see each other when ahe was home as much as I did. We fought more and she said I was smothering, and I admit I may have been but only to compensate for her lack of effort. We hung out until she went away again after break and said we would be less serious, then she is becoming friends on Facebook agaim with an ex and I said that was unnecessary. We broke up for good and I contacted her 2 times to try and work on it but she said she was done and blocked me. Been 1 week NC. Will she miss me down the line?

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      Thomas, at her age of 21, 6 years is quite an age difference. She has a lot of new things going on in her life right now. I think no contact is the best thing you can do but it would be good if you also made new things happen in your life. She may see you as part of “the past, back there”, trying to drag her back when she wants to explore new things. When school is done, if she comes back and gets a job in your city, that would be a better time to try to reestablish the relationship.

  6. YL

    Hey Jennie,
    What do you think about my situation posted above? Do I have a chance? I was 20 days into NC but saw her at a superbowl party last night and I kept the conversation from geating too personal and emotional. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      Yes, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. She was very young when your relationship began. She may want to look around a bit but hopefully she will see that what you had together was special and not every relationship is so good. However, sometimes people do need to find that out for themselves. Give her time.

  7. Alex D.

    My girlfriend of 2 and a half years broke up with me a week and a half ago. It came out of the blue for me. I mean we had been having a bit of a rough patch in the relationship but never really expected her to end what we had. She told me she wanted to break up because she had fallen out of love with me. My heart sank. I didn’t really say much but look away while she was explaining that i had changed and i wasn’t the person she had met, which is true. I have changed.. In many ways I’ve lost my way, I let myself go and as a result started feeling insecure and demotivated. I’m unhappy with my job and that reflects my mood. I no longer like going out and exploring but would rather binge watch a Netflix series by myself. I know this is my fault, I have accepted that. I know this is what she was thinking when breaking up with me which really broke my heart. She started crying while telling me the reasons and I just kept a straight face and remained very calm, almost unaffected but I was holding my emotions in with all the strength I had. She wanted to stay a while and watch a film like old times. So we did.. a whole hour and a half in silence. When it came time for her to leave we stood outside my house door and I hugged her so close, ducked my face into her neck and held her tight, like it was the last time… After 2 minutes or so. We came out of it and she was crying… She then asked my why i wasn’t and I told her I felt it in inside. and then i just watched her walk away. During the breakup she said she wanted to stay friends and that she will always love me, she just doesn’t love me in the same way. I was her first crush, boyfriends, her ‘first’, everything and though she wasn’t my ‘first’ she was my first ever serious relationship. She taught me what love was and i really saw a future with her, kids, house the lot and I’m 22 and she’s 20.

    I am in complete heart break, I miss her so much. I cant focus on work, I don’t want to wake up in the mornings, I cant look at other women and feel attraction towards them, I keep imagining her sleeping with someone else or going out with someone else. Even i know its not her to do anything like that. She said she wouldn’t be able to look at anyone else for at least a year but who knows what will really happen, I’m just trying to be realistic.

    I want her back. She hasn’t text me since nor have I, her. Ive started dieting and going to the gym and running. I’m so motivated to change and show her the man that she once loved. Does she miss me at all? Is there a chance of getting back together? What should I do. I feel so alone and my life feels empty.

  8. YL

    Well Jennie I messed up. I mailed a letter 4 days ago letting her know that I spent the past few weeks reflecting on us and on me and that I noticed numerous things that I could have handled better and I understand why she chose to split up. Also told her I was making changes in made own life. I texted her last night jokingly saying I enjoyed talking to her at the superbowl party and got her number from a mutual friend. No answer. This morning I texted good morning and broke down and gave a call..no answer. Later she texted back saying she got my letter and text. She is happy with where she is right now and that it’s good that I’m making changes but do it for myself not her. Also said to not wait for her. I broke down again and called a few times then texted please I want to talk to you and called one more time and spoke to her for about 25 mins. I told her that I was making changes for myself and also to become the one for her. Also said I know what went wrong and would like to start over she said no. She felt that I was still emotional even though I wasn’t. I acted too early I panicked and sounded desperate I’m screwed. Going to just give her space now and let her figure it out. I said to her again that what we had was special. Her defenses were still up and I don’t know what got over me I was doing great but panicked when she didn’t answer. Guess I will just move on and continue to better myself and maybe we will be together later on when the stars align. Thanks for reading this Jennie just needed to get this off my chest.

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      Sorry to hear that, but you can start over. If you want to do that, it’s 30 days starting now. No letters, no texts, no calls, and try to avoid parties where you know she’s likely to be. If you chat to her at a party (or anywhere else) you have to restart the 30 days … that might help you avoid them 🙂

  9. YL

    Yeah I’m not going to be contacting her for a long while. It’s up to her now I laid it all out and I’m going to move on and continue to better my life for me. We’ll see what the future holds for me. I’ll chime in once in a while if anything changes.

  10. Fred van Dijk

    Hi Jennie and everybody why reads this,

    I broke up like 3 or 4 weeks ago. It made me feel love after a while of rationalisation. I’m so sorry I broke up because now I see what an angel she was.

    I’m not the most easy person to live with and she mailed me that because everything that happend she don’t want a relationship anymore.

    I’ve contacted her in a lot of ways, without the result of good communication, friendship or a new start of relationship.

    Starting a whole new life now, but really want her to be part of it.

    She asked for conversation to finish things, with an professional on mental issues.

    The E-mail was warm and she was talking about the beautiful start of our relationship, it was really cute.

    What is the best way of dealing with this situation? If you haven’t any questions, just ask.

    Lots of Love,

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      I would only agree to see a professional counselor if the aim is to reconcile and get back together. If the aim is to help your ex make a clean break and move on from you … no. She can do that with a therapist if she wants, but she doesn’t need you to be there.

      I’m assuming she knows you regret the breakup, but she doesn’t want to get back together. In that case, on this system you’d be going for 30 days no contact. You could tell her you don’t want to be in contact unless she wants to get back with you, then stop responding to messages.

  11. George Perren

    My GF told me she needed some space 2 weeks ago, then broke up with me a week ago. While we were giving each other space she says she was happier, but the day after the break up she started texting me how heart broken she was. She wants to still talk and be friends and see what the future has in store for us. She said she hopes she can get over the emotion of the break up and hopefully come to a decision (on getting back together). She has initiated contact twice since then. I always reply but don’t initiate conversations myself as I don’t want to invade her space. She has offered to get me a product I always use from her work as it’s on special offer and wants to meet me to drop it to me.
    I think there are encouraging signs in all of this but I am also unsure if I’m just holding on to hope.

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      It’s good that you are on good terms but watch out for being friend-zoned. I would keep on not initiating contact, but not so much to avoid invading her space, more with the aim of making it clear you want to get back together or keep your distance.


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