How To Make An Ex Girlfriend Jealous And Get Her Back

Jealous ex girlfriend
A lot of guys think if they just knew how to make an ex jealous they would have the secret to how to get her back. In fact, it’s not that simple. Let’s see why.

How To Make An Ex Girlfriend Jealous

First let’s be very clear: finding another girlfriend is not the answer.

When you think of making your ex gf jealous, your first thought is probably to make her think you have found somebody new. But that’s actually very risky if you also want to get her to want you back.

Why? Because …

She Must NOT Think You Were Cheating On Her

This is the big mistake many guys make when they’re trying to win back an ex girlfriend. You could end up having her think you were cheating on her all along.

That’s why it’s dangerous to start showing up all over town with another woman right after your relationship ended. Your girlfriend will think, “How long’s he been seeing her?”

If it’s somebody she knows, or somebody you knew before the two of you broke up, it’s even worse. She’ll be half convinced you were seeing this girl – or wanted to – all the time you were together.

And we promise you, if she suspects you were unfaithful to her before the relationship ended, she is NOT going to want you back. She’ll just hate you and never want to see you again.

So don’t go looking for a new girlfriend, real or fake. “Emotional jealousy” is your friend here.

What Do We Mean By “Emotional Jealousy”?

Keep in mind sex is not involved in all relationships. Relationships that don’t involve sex (with kids, with friends) can be longer-lasting and more important in a person’s life than any sexual relationship.

When you think of your ex, it might be the thought of her having sex with other guys that really hurts, but that’s not necessarily true for her. This means making her jealous doesn’t have to be a question of sex.

From her point of view, there’s also what we might call “emotional jealousy”, i.e. jealousy of the place another person might have in your affections or your confidence. Yes, all jealousy is emotional, but we mean her jealousy of YOUR emotions toward other people and things, instead of jealousy of a physical relationship.

You may have seen this at work while your relationship was intact. Maybe she was jealous of the guy friends you spent a lot of time with, your brother or sister that you told all of your troubles to, or even the family dog. In some cases, girls are actually jealous of inanimate objects and abstract activities like a car, motorbike or a ball game on TV.

If you’ve ever heard a girl yelling, “You think more of that damn team than you do of me!” then you’ll know what I mean.

How To Get Your Ex To Want You Back Using “Emotional Jealousy”

So if you want to know how to get your ex gf back, the answer is to cause her to feel jealous of the people or activities that have taken her place in your affections – not in your bed. Show her you’re enjoying being single.

You can find out how to this in Michael Fiore’s guide to how to get your ex back with text messages. But briefly, you need to have her see you giving all your time and interest to somebody or something you’re obviously NOT having sex with.

So pick a way to spend a lot of your time. It should be something new, not the same old best friend or “damn team” that she always disliked. It can be more than one person or activity if you like, but it needs to be something you do out in the open where other people can see you.

Surfing the internet does not count!

Good examples are:

– spending time with a new guy friend in clubs, bars or other public places (not your home or his, and don’t get drunk)

– playing sport in the park

– taking college courses (in a classroom, not online)

– training for a 5 mile run

– taking up some kind of volunteer work that puts you in the public eye (lifeguard, organizing a non-profit fundraiser, helping to restore an old building) – this is a GREAT one

Just be sure it’s something you REALLY enjoy. She needs to think you’ve “fallen in love” with this new activity, not that you’re bored and desperate to fill your days.

It’s important you don’t tell her about your new activity yourself. If you live in a small city, word will get back to her fast.

If you live in a bigger place, you need to be sure to pick something she will hear about. The idea is not for her to see you in person – it’s better if you avoid places she goes herself – but for her friends to see you and report back. You can trust them to do that!

Will This Really Make Her Jealous?


Trust us on this, if there is any hope at all of rekindling her feelings for you, this is an excellent way to do it.

Some of the activities you could pick will also make her think she’s misjudged you. She’ll start to think you are a better/more interesting/smarter person than she ever realized. This is a great way to get her back into your arms.

How To Get Your Ex GF Back: All The Steps

It’s one thing knowing how to make an ex girlfriend jealous, but how to get her back is not so simple. The timing has to be right. She’s not necessarily going to come running back as soon as she hears you’re involved in something new.

If you want to know all of the steps to how to get your ex gf back, you’re not going to find them floating around the internet. Yes you’ll find tons of different advice but a lot of it will conflict, and you need to be consistent.

It’s no good trying one method one week and then switching to another the next. You need to have a clear system that takes you from step one through victory, and you need to know exactly what to do when.

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14 thoughts on “How To Make An Ex Girlfriend Jealous And Get Her Back

  1. Emily

    Ok. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I didn’t know whether what I did was just saying how I felt, or crossed into “begging to have him back”. I didn’t beg. So feel better now that it’s ok to have just been honest and shared my feelings.
    So good then, I will carry on with NC. If nothing else, it gives me space to get on and have distance too.

    Thank you!

  2. Emily

    I should add, when not arguing (!) we got on very well and were very well suited. Strong attraction and good fun.
    Both when breaking up, and on the call he did seem to say he wasn’t sure what was for the best, and that it wasn’t an easy decison, but he simply didn’t want any more arguments.
    I just don’t know if there is any hope at all.
    Ps. He still looks at all my snapchats – but I guess that could just be out of curiosity. I’ve now stopped posting as well so he doesn’t know what i’m doing at all, as I think it could be mor effective in him missing me than feeling like he has a sort of ‘link’ looking at my snaps.

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      Yes, I think it’s worth trying the NC. It doesn’t sound like you messed it up. You were honest with him about how you felt and that’s fine.

  3. Emily

    Is it worth trying the NC rule if you already messed that up? We were together 6 months, and broke up because of constant arguing over a specific but fixable reason.
    I contacted him once after the break up then nothing, then 2 weeks later he messaged me three days in a row and we chatted back and forth so on day 4 I decided to call him to tell him I had been thinking and knew what part I had to play in the break up and would make sure I didn’t repeat the same mistakes. I was taking responsibility for what I could do differently and said with that change I think it we could give it another go. At this point instead of saying something similar (as I hoped given he’d been contacting me…) he said he didn’t think we were compatible, even though he didn’t really know what the best thing was for us. There were no cross words but I did get the feeling that he seemed to think I was 100% to blame (which I am not – it’s probably more or less 50/50) which I found frustrating. So when the call ended I was pretty annoyed. Anyway that was 2 weeks ago and nothing since. I am going to have to contact him at some point over something logistical but trying to wait at least another 2 weeks if I can get away with it. But I don’t know if this NC is even worth it given I already told him I wanted to get back together.

  4. Sam

    Me and the ex were together 6 months and had planned to get married. Looked at venues and outfits etc. She got bad vibes when things were escalating to family involvement and did a ritual which she believes came back negative. Initially she fought/ignored the outcome but ultimately succumbed to family pressure. She always questioned if I had been completely honest about all the ladies in my life and I ducked the question repeatedly. We met up and I had a big blow out talking down to her, belittling her, shouting, being rude about her mum etc. After the breakup I told her about the one relationship I had hidden, but she said it doesn’t bother her but this ritual she can not ignore. I then did everything wrong for the next 5 months, messaging weekly with pleas, sorrow, guilt and at times anger. I rang her mother who just fobbed me off, and I also spoke to her local pastor that spoke to her dad and said they had misinterpreted the ritual. At one point I went to visit her and speak to her face to face. She didn’t answer and I received a stay away call from the police in the successive weeks saying she’s ended it and has no intention of getting back with you. I’ve been blocked on most social media but I have sent a few more messages on the weekly but not received a response.

    After all of that I started no contact for 5 weeks and sent 2 across the bow messages a week apart to which I have not received any reply. I’m sure shes preparing for an upcoming exam, do I send a 3rd or prolong the no contact period longer before doing so? Is my situation too far gone to use Michael Fiores tools?

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      Sam, if the police said not to contact her, it’s better not to. I would definitely not send anything while she is preparing for an exam. Even “good luck” could stress her out.

      Regarding Michael Fiores’ tools, it depends what the police said. If you were warned not to contact her in any way, I think we’re talking about years before you could do so, so you should try to move on. If they only told you not to visit her, you might try following the system, but I would let a few months of No Contact go by if I were you.

  5. dinu

    30days rule will work for me….today also I meet her…I convince her she said will be in the relationship for 20days if I again feel for u will start a new relationship or will breakup..still she in the relationship with other guys….

  6. james

    my girlfriend suddenly texts me and says she doesn’t think she likes me anymore saying she got kissed by some guy. she breaks up with me and after a whole day texts me saying “I regret ever breaking up with you and I really like you. I want us to start over”. I don’t get it,I’m confused and don’t know what to do.pls tell me what to do or say to her.

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      James, maybe suggest meeting up in two or three days to talk about it? Then see how you feel, and when you meet you can see if she means it. She could be genuine and feeling she has made a huge mistake, or she could be playing games. It’s not possible for me to know. A lot depends on how you feel and how much you want the relationship to continue. You might want to give yourself a couple of days to think about that, plus to show her she does not have you dangling on a string.

      1. dinu

        Hey my name is dinu I am from Kolkata I had the relation of 4yrs we had a great relationship alot fun n all last month we had a fight after that there is no contact 15days I said sorry to her we are in the relation once again but after 2days I got to know she in the relationship with other guys as well she was cheating on me and after she cry again we were in the relationship for 2days she again left me for that guys….I cry n get angry I did everything to get her back but she said I love him and al…4yrs relation 7days guys is more imp than me…what should I do….if I call her she pick the phone

        1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

          You could try the 30 days no contact? Running after her and getting emotional is about the worst thing you could do, so the break would be better, it seems to me.

  7. Lee

    3 weeks ago was with my girlfriend been together 4 years had a good time before she travel home but some day I call her she told me she is with a guy that has engage her and she is living with him for the time being has the guy is from was ridiculous to me as she pass the phone to the guy we talk on phone and she last say I told you is over between us.i can’t sleep that night .After 2 days I call the parent and ask about her .The dad told me she travel to her aunty and she will be back some days time .I told the dad what the daughter said but the dad deny flat and my girlfriend start messaging that I should stop embarrassing her to the dad I respond I just wanted to prove to me what you where saying on engagement .since then no communication for almost a week and she message me complimenting the new guy even at bed .This has made me mad trying to forget it but not easy.i have try so she can send pictures of her the the new guy she has always refuse.i need advice

    1. Jennie Hernandez Post author

      I would *never* advise going to the ex’s parents or any other family member or friend with the relationship issues. That is going to seriously annoy the other person. It’s like sneaking to teacher. But okay, that is in the past. To be honest, whatever the situation, the steps are always the same. I would say you need to take the first step and have some no contact time. Check out this post


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