I Miss My Ex Boyfriend: How To Get Him Back After He Dumps You

Couple with heartBreaking up with someone is never easy. You’ve spent months or even years with that special someone, and he has become a huge part of your life. After a breakup, you may be sitting around thinking, “I miss my ex boyfriend!” You may be going through depression, anxiety, but most of all you’re going to miss that person in your life. The question of how to get him back after he dumps you will be weighing on your mind. Rest assured, there is a way. Read on to learn more.

Don’t Play Games

What many women do when trying to figure out how to win him back is to resort to games. Their natural instinct is to try to get an ex back by tricking him into loving them again. But this is never the answer, no matter how tempting it may seem. Playing games will only make the situation worse. Use common sense and most of all, common courtesy. Be pleasant and kind. Be someone who your ex will want to be together with.

Don’t Use Someone New To Make Him Jealous

One common “game” that many newly broken up people try to employ is making their ex jealous. This is simply not a good idea. Dating others and trying to shove that fact into the face of your ex will likely only make your ex think you are not mature enough to be honest and forthright with your feelings or that you really don’t care about them if you are able to move on so quickly.

This is not the way to get him back forever. In the long run, they will be able to tell that you’re playing games, and even if there is a moment of jealousy that you may notice in your ex, it won’t last for long, and they will eventually move on too, only they will be moving on for good. Of course, this will leave you more depressed than ever.

Trying to ignore your ex and make them feel like you don’t care is not a good idea, either. This is childish and immature, and it will only make you feel bad. You will realize over time that this is just pushing your ex away, so your tricks and games are really backfiring on you. Generally, playing games only make breakups more permanent.

How To Win Him Back Forever

So how to get him back after he dumps you – and keep him? Simple: don’t be mean, be nice. The truth is, you want to make yourself as appealing as possible to your ex, and being genuinely kind and nice is always appealing. No one likes someone who is constantly trying to trick them or play games. Don’t act viciously; be outright with your feelings. Apologize if necessary, and be ready to forgive as well.

With all of this information at hand, consider how you have been acting. If you’ve just broken up with someone you care deeply for, ask yourself truly how you have reacted to the situation. Have you been mature? Or have you been playing games and being tricky with your ex? Are you trying to arouse jealousy in him or her? Or have you told the truth about how you feel? Be honest with yourself, and then reassess how you are handling the breakup.

Remember to be open, supportive, honest and kind, and your ex will remember how great it was to be with you. Just as you miss your ex boyfriend, you really just want to be making him miss you in a positive way too. Then your chances of getting back together with him will greatly increase.

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    thank you for bringing my attention to this way to get back my ex. we are now on good terms and moving toward dating again.


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