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TXB contentsWondering where to buy Text Your Ex Back? You’re right, it’s an important question. You must buy it from the official site to get everything that you’ll need to make the system work. Let’s have a look at what’s included in that.

What’s in Text Your Ex Back

“So glad I found your TXB program…I started with “I’m thinking about…” and he totally took the bait.
Thank you so much for your great program!”

– Elizabeth S. (quoted on the official website)

— Text Your Ex Back 2.0 – Modules

Designed by relationship coach Michael Fiore, this system includes different types of texts you can send at different points in the process, depending on how your ex responds each time.

You can’t get this on Amazon. You need to get it from Michael Fiore’s official website (through the link at the end of this article) because there’s a lot included.

The ‘backbone’ of TXB 2.0 (released in the summer of 2012) is the full system set out in 11 separate modules.

You can download the modules as PDF ebook-type files to read on your computer, iPad or whatever if you want. Or if you prefer, you can download audio versions of the modules to listen on your iPod or in the car. In many cases, you also have the option of watching them in the form of a video.

Either way, you need them all. And don’t believe anybody who tells you you can get them all for free – you can’t.

— Ready-to-send example texts

In case you’re still having trouble knowing what to write in your short text messages, Michael gives you over 100 example texts that you can send as-is if you want.

This is a big bonus. You can send some with no changes at all. In others, you just have to put in a name or place that refers to your own relationship with your ex. Either way, it means it’s hard to get them wrong.

— Two expert interviews

You also get access to two interviews with other relationship experts. Dr. Jan Hall tells you to continue and even strengthen a relationship after infidelity. Dr. Fred Luskin talks about how to handle and encourage forgiveness in a troubled or broken relationship. Both of these could be a huge help to people, depending on the details of your break-up.

— Ongoing support

For some of the steps in Text Ur Ex Back (like staying out of contact, not replying too fast, etc) you might need a little encouragement and support. Later, you might wonder what to do if your ex doesn’t respond to your texts in the way you expected.

When you get the system from the official website, you have access to a private members’ forum where Michael himself, members of his team other people who are further down the road can give you all of that.

Clearly, you would miss out on a lot if you tried to find a free or cheap version somewhere. You want to do this right, so you need to start at the right place.


Randy M photo
“Frankly I really expected to be asking for my money back when the texting didn’t work.
Keep your money. You earned every penny!”

– Randy M. (quoted on the official website)

We figure there must be some some situations where a system like Text Ur Ex Back might not work. But like Randy M, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

This is because the system is guaranteed. Either it works or you get your money back. That seems a good indication that it must work for a lot of people. If it didn’t, they couldn’t afford to give that kind of guarantee.

But this guarantee only applies if you buy it from Mike Fiore’s official website (link at the end of this post).

On that site, Michael offers a full 60-day guarantee. You’ll need that, because the system starts with a period of ‘no contact’ to give both you and your ex a chance to cool off.

This is vital. Unless you’ve already been through a time when you haven’t contacted your ex, you’d risk making everything way, way worse if you started in with text messages right away.

So it’s reassuring to know that you have that guarantee. Either you get your ex back or you get your money back. This isn’t a cheap ebook but you’ll probably figure it’s worth the price if the system works and brings the love of your life back to your arms.

Here’s where you can go to the official site and watch the short video that will explain the system to you (or wait a moment and click again to skip the video and order right away):

>> Click here to win back your ex with the full
Text Your Ex Back system from Michael Fiore’s official website <<

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  1. Lois

    Some people say this is manipulative but if you are anything like me you just need something or somebody to tell you what to do so you don’t suffer from such anxiety of not knowing what is the right thing to do and worrying I would make things worse, which likely I would have done by myself because my instinct is to grab at somebody and try to hang on to them and that is the worse thing you can do in reality.


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