Text Your Ex Back Review: Does It Work?

In Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore has created a system that claims it can help you get your ‘lost’ ex girlfriend or boyfriend running back to you with just a few short text messages. But does it work? The Spy takes a look in this Text Your Ex Back review.

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What is Text Your Ex Back?

It’s a system designed to help you get your ex back with simple text messages. It tells you exactly what texts to send, and when.

The system is fully downloadable so you get instant access after you join. You get a 74-page manual with an audio version plus some extra bonuses.

The manual explains how you should act around your ex and specifically, how to use text messaging to change how they feel about you. The audio is useful because you can listen on your MP3 player instead of reading if you want.

There are other ‘how to get your ex back’ systems out there and the theory is mostly the same (because that’s what works). But in practice, this one beats the others hands-down because it uses simple text messages. There are two reasons why I think this is awesome:
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1. Texts are easy for you. You don’t have to spend a long time agonizing over what to write, or pour your heart out in a long email or phone call that you’ll be kicking yourself for next day.

The idea is that you can get your ex back quickly and easily – no need for long emails and voicemail messages. In fact, long emails and phone calls are probably the worst thing that you can do. That leads us to reason #2, which is:

2. Texts are easy on your ex. And you do want to make things easy for your ex. However angry or revengeful you may feel at times, if you want them back, you have to show you are willing to take their wishes, needs and feelings into account.

And if your ex has left, that’s a sign that they need a break from you, okay? Painful as it might be. You *can* get them back according to Mike Fiore, but right now, they need a break. Long phone calls and emails will just drive them further away. Even a short phone call could be stressful and uncomfortable for them.

But a text message is fine. When they see there’s a text, it doesn’t disturb their day. They can read it now or later. They can reply or not, as they like. And unlike an email, they know as soon as they see it’s in their inbox that it’s just going to be short.

So it’s pretty clear that’s a lot easier for your ex to handle. A short friendly text message just isn’t stressful. They’re likely to be grateful to you for just sending that little text, and you’ve taken the first step to having them be interested in you again.

Of course, that’s provided you know what to write. And that’s where Text Your Ex Back’s Michael Fiore says he can help you.

Free tips on how to get your ex back

Couple in whiteYou can test out that help for yourself because you don’t even have to buy into the system to get some of Michael’s tips on how to get your ex back. There’s a couple of tips he gives away for free that should help you figure out what you’ve done wrong up until now and what you could start to do right to rekindle your ex’s feelings for you.

Just go to the official website here, click through to the video for girlfriend or boyfriend and watch for your free tips.

Keep in mind that with Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore is selling his system so he’s not going to give away the whole store in those videos. I guess he’s spent a lot of time and work to develop this system and it’s reasonable to ask something for it. But if you want, you could just use the free tips.

So is this a system that really works?

Michael has demonstrated his system for putting the romance back into a relationship on the Rachael Ray show on national TV. According to the official website, Rachael said it gave her chills, it was so effective!

You might be thinking that it sounds kind of manipulative. That could be true and it’s a criticism that some people have of the system. But keep in mind the biggest difference between an unpopular person and a person that everyone wants to get next to is whether they know how to appeal to other people’s feelings. That’s what you need to discover how to do if you want your ex back.

This system is still pretty new but we found a couple of independent customer reviews on the LoveShack forum. Forum user Xestenz says:

It is actually an interesting program that seems built on real psychology. He proposes that texts are a good platform for re-instating conversation because they simply pop up and plant a seed. You can also take your time in crafting them thus avoiding in-the-moment mistakes.

[Mike Fiore] makes a point that makes the whole thing ring as authentic to me — that once over, the old relationship is dead — BUT, in a way, this is a good thing, because it clears the way for a new relationship [with the same person] that fixes the issues that doomed the old one.

— Xestenz at LoveShack.org

But can it work for ANY relationship?

This is where I have my doubts. The website suggests that you can get any ex back, any time, but I don’t totally agree with that. If your ex has moved to another country, or gone ahead and married someone else and that marriage seems to be happy, then maybe you’d be wasting your time. Plus you might not want to break up a marriage even if you could.

But even in that situation, you might want to re-establish a friendship with your ex and maybe meet them for lunch from time to time. This is somebody you’ve shared a lot with who could make a good friend. Also, you never know what might happen in the future. Your ex might need a shoulder to cry on some day 😉

One thing you must do

Another thing I should say right away – and this goes for any situation where somebody has put a lot of research and testing into developing a system – is that it’s only going to work if you follow it to the letter.

That can be real hard when you’re desperate to see your ex or hear their voice and Mike Fiore is saying to wait 3 days before you take the next step. But you must! If you start rushing your ex or doing things differently to the way Mike recommends, you could really mess it up.

So before you get Text Ur Ex Back, be sure you’re ready to commit to working the plan exactly the way he tells you. Maybe even write out that commitment and stick it on your phone or your computer, somewhere that you’ll see it every time you’re tempted to contact your ex. Make it your top priority to stick to the plan!


Michael Fiore must be pretty sure that the system works because he offers you a no-questions 100% guarantee for a full 60 days if you decide you don’t like it.

So there’s really no risk. If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back and you haven’t lost anything. Seems to me on that basis it’s worth a try, right?

Text Your Ex Back review in short …

Your ex had a reason for getting together with you in the beginning, however long ago it was. You’ll never know exactly what that reason was – your ex probably couldn’t put it into words themselves – but if you do things the right way, I figure you could reawaken that same desire in your ex and have them running back to you.

In Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore offers a quick and simple way to get your ex back that he says has already worked for a lot of people. You’ve got nothing to lose so the Spy recommends you give it a try.

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Note: there’s a short video on the site that explains the Text Ur Ex Back system. If you prefer to skip it, wait until the video has started and try refreshing the page.

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